About us

AQUAER GENERATOR was founded in 2004 with the goal of bringing to market the AQUAER water generator. AQUAER’s generators utilize moisture present in the air to produce water, making it an independent and sustainable source of water, even in arid climates such as deserts.

The company began its operations by offering pro bono services in countries facing acute water shortages. As of today, they operate both commercially and pro bono, with a primary focus on infrastructure and various industries. The company’s innovative products have garnered significant demand, leading to exponential growth.

Our company offers solutions for both domestic and large-scale consumption needs. Our products cater to diverse sectors such as intensive irrigation, golf courses, resorts, and civilian and military camps. We are committed to ensuring that the quality of our products remains superior, and as such, we subject them to multiple production controls to guarantee infallibility.

Strategic partnerships

AQUAER GENERATORS was established by a team of experienced engineers who had previously worked in various engineering companies, including Asesoramiento Frigorífico SL, where they had over 40 years of combined experience in the sector. Their primary objective in establishing AQUAER GENERATORS was to capitalize on the patent for water generators.

We provide a comprehensive water supply package that not only utilizes the byproduct of the generator but also includes cooling and power supply facilities, resulting in a highly efficient solution.


Companies that have trusted us

Floods and other water-related diasasters account for 70% of all natural disasters-related deaths
In 2012, the OECD projected that the demand for wateer would incrase globally by 55% between 2000 and 2050
Another study concludes that we will be exposed to a 40% water deficit in 2030 if the ways of development do not change (2030 WRG)
According to these reports, 20% of the world's population does not have acces to drinking water