The miracle of producing water in the desert

A Spanish company has developed a machine capable of generating water in extreme conditions. Generators Aquaer registered the patent in 2005 and, ten years later, demand has completely overwhelmed them.

Enrique Veiga is already retired but takes a lifetime dedicated to the refrigeration sector. Although it is Galician, he lives in Seville for 50 years and a drought had an idea: create a machine that, by condensation, water could give his people like a fountain. More as entertainment than as a business project, Veiga was improving his machine over the years to become what it is today Aquaer Generators: “There are other devices in the world that are capable of condensation water but in optimal conditions of 60% or 80% relative humidity. We do it in extreme conditions such as temperature 50 Cº and humidity 8% are proud” Veiga said.

And it’s no wonder. Its water is completely safe for consumption, “It is like the rain, leaves at a temperature of 12 ° C and is very pleasant to drink. I’ve been drinking it years and goes perfectly, “he smiles.
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“What happens is that the people who most need water that does not have money to buy it” – Veiga and regrets that are already working with NGOs to bring their machines where there are problems. “We’re doing half horse machines capable of about 50 liters in the desert. Such a machine is easily attachable to solar, panels easy to install on any site without problems. You tell a Kalahari Bushman going to have 50 liters of water and People will not believe it! “Says the inventor of the miracle.UNESCO, water pollution can make dispongamos in 2050 only a third of the water we can drink now why some people portends that water will be behind the wars of the XXI century. Aquaer Generators thought at first that his machine would be very useful in desert places but soon realized that there’s water needs worldwide: “Last week we sent 1,500 machines to the desert of Namibia but have already called us from Chile , Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, California, Australia … even Chinese! “says surprised. The impact has been so great that they are in the process of conversion of the company to meet demand.