“Our mission at first was to investigate how we can rescue the humidity to transform it into water and see what we have created.” Enrique Veiga is the inventor of this project, a generator that can supply potable water to small villages in the middle of as extreme as desert climates. ¿Invention of the century? Juan Veiga, son of the inventor and manager of the Seville company reports that “with drinking water created can be stored in tanks for people to have their own supply.” The invention has already had his first experiences, though not “thanks to government support,” said Juan. However already they have closed projects in towns of Namibia and future customers in Latin America and countries like Oman and Algeria.
Enrique came to Seville to work as an engineer in a company with industrial cooling techniques during the 80 Without thinking the degree of magnitude of his invention, founded his own company under the name of Aquaer, water and air in Greek, based in the Viso del Alcor (Sevilla). “After several years of study, my father managed to patent in 96 this generator through the INTA (Institute of Aerospace Technology) in the toughest weather conditions.”

For years, John and Henry have investigated countries where a severe drought occurs, focusing their study in Central Africa and Sub-Saharan, where 314 million people lack access to adequate water source. “Here in Spain we have no idea what a drought, only when we can not irrigate golf courses.” John recalls that it has learned a lot since his father took over the company. “Every time we have spoken with representatives from countries such as Namibia and Algeria can not understand our method. They throw up their hands on the head when they hear that we spend it drinking water in the tank. “

Veiga notes that takes into account the WHO reports that are very disturbing in their areas of potential work. This organization estimates that “every year 1.8 million children around the world die from diseases caused by contaminated water.”


“They Not from the government or the Board have told us that there was money to fund us.” Being a project that has a clear vocation of humanitarian aid from Aquaer they have also knocked on the door of the Spanish Cooperation Agency, without yet receiving any response.

In the absence of product marketing, John began with a team of engineers to contact governments of African countries that might be interested in this topic. “We are already making a first project in the Namib Desert, the oldest in the world. We have also been tested for viability in the Kalahari Desert. “

John pauses when he comes to mind the image of African women who have to walk fifteen kilometers from their village for as basic as water well. “In most cases many wells are contaminated, causing high infant mortality and severe diarrhea.”


The water generator has a simple system. By lowering the air temperature, water is in the form of air condenses, the relative humidity goes up and the water begins to precipitate. Thanks to some filters can purify and later stored in a warehouse, which includes several capacities as needed. John explains that have been created “from generators fifteen liters a day for a household up to 250 books for a population of ten people”.

“With this invention we can alleviate the hardness both limits as refugee camps, in situations of major natural disasters, where water free of contamination is a priority situations. We can also generate the secure supply in military campaigns and small domestic consumption. We are the only ones on the market able to do something like this. “

By having an automatic process, it is hardly necessary to know much about its operation to put the machine in macha. John notes that “one must be aware to clean its filters.”

To finish the interview John speaks of a very prosperous for the invention of drinking water Aquaer future. “Now we are somewhat overwhelmed in the midst of everything that comes to us.” Veiga family is challenging fight to culminate this process in many villages and remote areas of the desert. “The most important thing will bring to the people a necessary and vital for human survival such as water to every corner they ask us well.”

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