It is estimated that worldwide 750 million people without access to drinking water live. Enrique Veiga, a Galician frigorista who lives in Seville, has created a machine that can condense moisture from the air and produce up to 3,000 liters of water per day. This machine can operate even in areas where humidity is low, as in the desert. The company responsible for the manufacture of the machine, has been commissioned to produce 1,500 units for the government of Namibia, a country suffering from water shortages.

The machine achieves extract water from the environment in areas with temperature 30ºC and a relative humidity of 17%. The inventor of the machine indicates that the limit of its creation is to deal with environments with temperature 45 ° C and 8% relative humidity.

Juan Veiga, representative of Aquaer Generators, company in charge of the manufacture of the machine indicates that in the first phase the company will send to Namibia 500 machines.

According to UNICEF thousand children die every day from drinking contaminated water. The machine created by Veiga offers an opportunity to relieve thirst in the world.

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