It is able to draw water from stones. The saying, almost on its face, could be the perfect slogan for a company of Seville has created a system to directly create water anywhere. How? With a generator drinking water by condensing water vapor and the support of a refrigeration system. The machine captures the water dissolved in the atmosphere, however limited it is, and can operate in extreme climates, the power consumption is similar to a washing machine. In fact, the Government of Namibia, Africa, has commissioned thousands of units simply create water in the Kalahari Desert.

“We have the water they ask us”, “we are the only ones in the world to produce water in desert areas,” says Enrique Veiga a Galician frigorista who lives in Seville, inventor of the ‘Aquaer System’. The prototype is capable of producing 3,000 liters of drinking water per day. His son Juan, manager of the company, says that Namibians politicians wanted to make a big order but Aquaer is currently sizing the project, identifying in situ the needs of specific water and, within a year, send the first units.

“Undertaking industrial cold lifetime” to create water in the desert. “Reopening the market before the crisis,” he says. It is a medium term project, according to John Veiga, it will be accompanied by a social framework. The idea is that “poor women” in the African country working on repairs of generators which require maintenance such as cleaning filters, etc. At a stroke, water and work for the desert.

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