Sevilla engineers create water in the desert

“Our mission at first was to investigate how we can rescue the humidity to transform it into water and see what we have created.” Enrique Veiga is the inventor of this project, a generator that can supply potable water to small villages in the middle of as extreme as desert climates. ¿Invention of the century? […]

Getting water in the desert

It is able to draw water from stones. The saying, almost on its face, could be the perfect slogan for a company of Seville has created a system to directly create water anywhere. How? With a generator drinking water by condensing water vapor and the support of a refrigeration system. The machine captures the water […]

Making water in the desert

A Spanish engineer installed in Namibia generator that will supply drinking water to a population ravaged by extreme drought. African tradition says that rain is a sign of blessing, especially when a big event is expected. It rained copiously on the Independence Stadium in Windhoek, capital of Namibia, during the inauguration of the new president, […]

Andalusian engineers manage to create water in the desert

Although the headline of this article seems to be removed from websites the type World Today, reality is what it is, and it turns out that a team of engineers has created Andalusians water in the desert. The company team Aquaer, based in Sevilla (where else?), Headed by Enrique Veiga has brought to fruition a […]

A machine producing thousands of liters of life

ENTREPRENEURS Aquaer Generator, created by a Galician frigorista, is able to generate water from the air even in the most remote and arid areas of the planet Water is a basic element for the proliferation of life, but the expected increase in world population and the dwindling reserves portend a difficult future to H2O. Today, […]

The miracle of producing water in the desert

A Spanish company has developed a machine capable of generating water in extreme conditions. Generators Aquaer registered the patent in 2005 and, ten years later, demand has completely overwhelmed them. Enrique Veiga is already retired but takes a lifetime dedicated to the refrigeration sector. Although it is Galician, he lives in Seville for 50 years […]

Invent machine that can generate water even in the wilderness

It is estimated that worldwide 750 million people without access to drinking water live. Enrique Veiga, a Galician frigorista who lives in Seville, has created a machine that can condense moisture from the air and produce up to 3,000 liters of water per day. This machine can operate even in areas where humidity is low, […]