Although the headline of this article seems to be removed from websites the type World Today, reality is what it is, and it turns out that a team of engineers has created Andalusians water in the desert.

The company team Aquaer, based in Sevilla (where else?), Headed by Enrique Veiga has brought to fruition a project to create a generator of potable water that can cater to small villages in the midst of such extreme climates as the desert.

Juan Veiga, son of the inventor and manager of the Seville company reports that “drinking water created can be stored in tanks for people to have their own supply.” The invention has already had his first experiences, though not “thanks to government support,” said Juan.

However, despite the lack of institutional support, the Andalusian team engineers has created water in the desert and has closed projects in towns of Namibia and future customers in Latin America and countries like Oman and Algeria.

At this point, many of you may wonder: how they have managed to create water in the desert?

From Aquaer explain that the generator has a simple drinking water system: When the temperature of the air, the water that is in the form of air condenses, the relative humidity goes up and the water begins to precipitate. Thanks to some filters can purify and later stored in a warehouse, which includes several capacities ranging “from 15 liters a day for a household up to 250 liters for a population of ten people”.

By having an automatic process, it is hardly necessary to know much about its operation to put the machine in motion. The only necessary intervention by the human being would be being attentive to clean or change the filters of this generator that creates water in the desert.

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