A machine producing thousands of liters of life


Aquaer Generator, created by a Galician frigorista, is able to generate water from the air even in the most remote and arid areas of the planet

Water is a basic element for the proliferation of life, but the expected increase in world population and the dwindling reserves portend a difficult future to H2O. Today, more than 750 million people lack access to safe drinking water, according to UNICEF figures. Hence the social need that tries to mitigate Aquaer Generator.

The machine, created by Enrique Veiga, Galician refrigeration engineer now retired and living in the Seville town of Viso of Alcor, is capable of generating drinking water from air. The generator uses the absolute humidity of air condensing with the support of a refrigeration system using heat exchangers.


5,000 liters of water.
They can produce generators Seville daily business.

“We produce generators that produce from 50 to 5,000 liters of water per day. From there we can install several modules to eventually produce the desired water. The Aquaer generator consists of a refrigeration circuit cooling an air flow taken from outside to condense much of the moisture content, generating water. Then it will be a matter of moving more or less air to get the amount of water we want, “explains Juan Veiga, manager Aquaer Generators.

The machine does not need to have a source of water nearby, since it is able to obtain the ‘liquid life’ even in the driest desert. The prototype was tested and certified by the Spanish Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) in the harshest weather conditions, without environmental impact.

“The special feature of our invention is that it does not need water from other sources, since the gain from the humidity, so the Aquaer system enables work in desert climates”. The water obtained is perfectly record for consumption, gathering all physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics demanded by the food code.

The great drought in Seville between 1992 and 1995 was the origin of the idea
The idea began with the great drought in Seville between 1992 and 1995. Enrique Veiga, with more than 50 years of experience in the field of industrial refrigeration and watching the condensation on cold storage, he decided to design a system that exploited all that condensation. So, he got an economically viable system that worked under all circumstances. “The product is self-produced and performed in the company Altecfrío (Viso of Alcor), dedicated to industrial cold,” says the manager.

Currently most buyers are individuals with supply problems. In Spain there is much interest in the Levantine area, Mallorca and the Canary Islands. Big companies all over the world, especially in South America and the southern United States have acquired machines. In addition, there is great interest among NGOs and government agencies.

The generators have many applications and their next goal is to identify potential maximum to exploit its virtues. “In the short term we will try to improve the system of mass production, reduce costs and increase performance,” adds Veiga.

Social function

The generators do not have any environmental impact and are intended to act in extreme situations such as refugee camps or natural disasters, which is essential to obtain free water pollution.

They can cover the supply of military campaigns and small domestic consumption. “The idea was born as a social function to provide drinking water to all persons who have no access to it.” The Seville company is in contact with the government of Namibia, a country ravaged by drought, especially in the area of ​​the Kalahari Desert.

UN target

The “Namwater” project aims to supply potable water to the area. The country has commissioned a feasibility study and needs in order to deploy 500 units Aquaer. Generators try to fulfill one of the main goals of the UN, that 100% of the world population has access to a source of drinking water. Aquaer is a fully national invention devised by Enrique Veiga through investment in R + D + i, one of the leaders of the Seville company.

“Almost 100% of our time is invested in R + D + i. Don Enrique despite being retired does not stop working on how to improve water generator, look for new applications such as greenhouses in the desert. We are also developing a desalination working with thermal energy, and many more things that will be telling, “Veiga said.