Our aim is to provide DRINKING WATER where no other sources of water are available, whether salty or otherwise. We do not require any water to produce drinkable water as we condense the absolute humidity of air with the aid of a refrigeration plant.

The system we patented can be designed for all kinds of consumers, from supplying whole villages to satisfying the water requirements of a single family. The AQUAER GENERATOR even functions in desert-like climates. Needless to say, subject to the source of energy utilized, the AQUAER GENERATORS are environmentally friendly and do not cause any pollution.

Despite the appearance of air being dry, there is a considerable amount of water in the air, namely in the form of vapour.

For example, the air at 30ºC and 60% humidity contains more than 16 grams of water per Kgr. of air. If the air temperature is lowered below its dew point, which is the temperature at which condensation starts, we will obtain water similar to rain water.

In our case the air will be cooled down to 0ºC by means of a refrigerating plant, specially designed to that purpose. It will be a matter of moving more or less air to obtain the required volume of water.

With the Aquaer system we can obtain water in desert areas, where it is not possible to obtain it in another way.

All the Aquaer Generators will be able to work in desert areas, without any effect on the environment and without pollution.

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